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solar vi characteristics trainer from powerlab instruments

Product Description

This set up is designed to study the solar cell output voltage characteristics against light. The system works as a live demonstration unit of solar cells in terms of its concepts (converting sunlight directly into electrical energy) and applications. This set up consists of.

  1. Solar cell with light source
  2. Meter set up
  • One number of solar cell panel with below specifications is provided
      • 6V, 10W /Make USL
  • Solar Panel is fixed with aluminum stand with position adjustment facility ( as per diagram)
  • One number of Light source with light intensity adjustment facility to simulate sun light
  • Potentiometer is provided to adjust the light intensity
  • Solar panel output  is terminated by banana connectors for external meter connections

Meter set up

  • One number of digital voltmeter and ammeter are provided to measure the voltage and current respectively, during various directions & various light intensity
  • One number of load resistor is provided
  • One number of digital Lux meter is provided for light intensity measurement (optional)
  • For More details/Purchase-Contact : shanmugam@powerlabinstruments.com

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