(1.0).Battery Charge & Discharge Test Set Up ( Pack Tester)

Product Description

  • This unit can be used for Charging test and discharge test of lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries and other types of batteries.
  • The device provides two operation modes: Panel and Software. After installing the specified software, the device can be managed and operated through the computer: charge-discharge setting,
    data sampling, test report imports and export, test data analysis, charge-discharge curves drawing.
  • Features
    • Model No. : 99V, 20A ,1CH
    • Power Supply : AC 220V±10% 50/60HZ
    • Basic Function : Charge ,Discharge ,Auto-cycle, Test data analysis,       Test data import & export
    • Applicable Batteries : Lead-acid battery pack, Li-ion battery pack
    Battery Rated Voltage : 12V-84V
  • Charge Methods : CV & CC
  • Charge Current : 0.5-10A adjustable, 0.1A stepping
  • Charge Cut-Off Current : 0.1-5A adjustable, 0.1A stepping
    Charge Voltage Range : 9V-99V, 0.1V stepping
  • Discharging Functions
  • Discharge Methods : CC
  • Discharge Current : 9V-21V – 0.5-10A adjustable
  • 21V-99V- 0.5-20A adjustable
  • Max. Cycle Index : 16 times
  • Communication Port : LAN
  • For More details /Purchase -Contact : shanmugam@powerlabinstruments.com

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