(1.1).Solar resource assessment set up

Product Description

Solar resource information is used in a variety of ways to evaluate the impacts of the high penetration of solar technologies on the electrical grid envisioned in the sun and in the weather cause seasonal, daily, and short-term fluctuations in the output of solar systems. Therefore, understanding the available solar resource helps to predict how solar systems—both photovoltaic (PV) and concentrating solar power (CSP) technologies—react to fluctuations and interact with the electric grid.This set up consists of

  1. Tower with solar panel
  2. Sensors & Data Loggers with PC


  • Solar panel and necessary all below sensors are fixed in the tower. See the Photocopy
  • 5W / 10W Solar Panel is provided


The following sensors are used to measure the various parameter measurements in solar resource set up

  • Temperature sensor
  • Wind sensor
  • Solar Radiation sensor
  • Humidity sensor                                

Data Loggers with PC

This Data logger is used to collect all data’s from sensor and send to Computer to continuous plotting /Monitoring of all parameters. It consists of

  • One number of computer with 15inch LCD Monitor with latest configuration and 1kva ups is provided
  • Windows based powerful software to plot & display the sensors output

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