(1.1).DC Position Control Trainer

Product Description

This set up is designed to study the working principle of DC Motor position control system. This set up can be used for position control and Open loop speed control of dc motor , this set up consists of the following units

  1. Microcontroller based PWM Controller
  2. MOSFET Based DC –DC Chopper
  3. PMDC Motor with position sensor
  • Dspic (30f4011)Microcontroller based DC DC Chopper PWM Controller
  • LCD Provided for set position value and actual position value & Set speed ,actual speed in rpm
  • Four Numbers of IRF840MOSFET with necessary heat sink and snubber circuit is provided for power circuit
  • IC Provided for PWM isolation &IR2110 based MOSFET PWM driver circuit is provided
  • One number of PMDC Motor with the following specifications is fixed on a nice frame

Motor              PMDC Motor with Gear

Voltage           12vdc

Gear Ratio       30:1

Speed              1500:50RPM

Sensor             Position sensor- servo potentiometer is provided as position sensor

  • 0-360 degree marked dial disc is fixed on the motor shaft for position measurements- 5-350 degree of control range is possiable


  1. Position control of PMDC Motor
  2. Open loop speed control of PMDC Motor

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